From softer water
for bathing to purer water for drinking, we have your solution

Don’t just think of Comfort Tech for air conditioning. We’re experts at conditioning your water, too – from providing whole-house water softeners to purified drinking water systems.

Whole-house water softeners
can make life a whole lot better

Want to enjoy softer, cleaner water at home? At Comfort Tech, we have water solutions on tap.
Our whole-house water softeners remove the minerals that cause water to be “hard – or in other words, contain high levels of calcium and magnesium.”

Hard water can clog pipes, create a scale buildup inside your pipes and appliances that use water, and even reduce the efficiency of your water heater. When you wash with hard water, it can leave a dull, sticky coating on your hair and skin.

There are many benefits to water treated with a water softener: the reduced soap curd makes cleaning your showers and sinks easier. You’ll experience a cleaner shine to silverware, glasses, mirrors, tiles and even when you wash your car.

At Comfort Tech, we offer water softener models from one-cubic- foot to 100. Our German-engineered, digital self-cleaning softener is 47% more efficient than standard water softeners.
With the quality of our water softeners and professional installation, we make getting rid of hard water an easy decision.

Purified drinking water systems
for homes with the best taste

Have you ever considered how many miles of old pipes tap water has to travel from the water treatment plant to your house? While you may not see the particles of rust, sand, bacteria and other contaminants in your water, you would under a microscope.

We can install a purified drinking system out of sight and under your sink. You won’t see it, but you will definitely notice the clear, refreshing outcome every time you pour a glass. Even ice tastes better, and with its crystal-clear appearance, looks better, too.*

It will also save you from buying, lugging and storing plastic bottles of water. (Who knew water could be so heavy?)  Having a purified drinking water system professionally installed by Comfort Tech definitely shows you have good taste.

*Comfort Tech will run the ice line to the refrigerator with installation of purified drinking system.

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