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Rodent removal in Tampa can include rats, mice, and even squirrels, all known for their gnawing habits. Often, they can be heard in the attic jumping from rafter to rafter. If you are unlucky and a rodent is in the living spaces, you will see small stool droppings and urine trails left behind. You could also see chewed areas of drywall or furniture. Moreover, if you have mice or rats, the biggest danger to you is if they have chewed through any food containers in the pantry.

You may also find a nest in your home. Rodents will shred cardboard, magazines, documents, fabrics, or any number of materials that they then pile into a soft, comfortable nest. In addition to chewing up material, they also chew through insulation and wiring not readily visible, but which could potentially start a house fire.

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Every home is different and our rodent removal technicians can evaluate the extent of your problem. Traps will be set for any existing rodents. If traps outside the home are needed, we use box traps so pets or other animals can’t get to it and only the intended target is affected.


However, it’s not enough to simply trap a rodent. Any areas a rodent nested in or traveled on needs to be sanitized to remove urine trails, feces, and any diseases the rodent may have carried.


Our technicians will also check for points of entry. Rodents could enter through drains, soffits, the AC chase, a 1 ½ inch hole, attic fans, attic vents, and dryer vents. Comfort Tech offers rodent removal exclusion services to seal up all forms of entry and prevent any rodents from re-entering.

Tap Insulation

Comfort Tech Home Services also offers TAP® Insulation which has a two-fold benefit. This service entails spraying the entire attic surface with an energy-saving barrier of insulation that contains borate, killing bugs and deters rodent infestation. For more information on the benefits of TAP® Insulation, visit our Tap Insulation Service page.

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Of course, our estimate is free and we will help you determine the extent of your rodent problem, working together to find out what solution or combination of services will work best for you and your home. Your comfort is our number one priority and we want to ensure that your home stays rodent-free. Call 844-880-0082 today to schedule your free estimate.

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As a rodent travels through your living areas or attic, urine and feces are left along its path, contaminating everything it touches. Even if you don’t see evidence of a rodent in your pantry, any box or package it walked on has a urine trail. They are quite adept at chewing through packaging to get to food. It’s possible you may not notice a package has been breached before eating its contents. This can lead to salmonellosis, an illness involving diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps derived from consuming food or drink contaminated by rodent feces. Rodents can also carry diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Lassa Fever, Plague, Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever, and more. It is essential that rodents in the home be taken care of immediately and that any food that could have possibly been compromised is thrown away.

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