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Pest Control in Tampa
Human & Pet Safe

Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your family. Comfort Tech Home Services ensures that each pest control product used is not only safe for you and your children, but also safe for your family pets. We use all-natural, green pesticides that remain harmless to humans and pets. Only the unwanted pests are affected, while your lawn and home remain safe. Our goal is to maintain the comfort of your home by keeping your home pest-free with products that give you peace of mind. Call 844-880-0082 to schedule your free estimate and let Comfort Tech rid your home of pests and relieve your mind of worry.

Green Pest Control
vs Traditional Pest Control

Traditional pesticides are comprised of poisons and toxins that are harmful to more than just pests.  When pesticides were first created, the long-term effects were not known; but plenty of time has passed and we know the harm isn’t limited to our lawns and the environment.  Our children and pets’ health can also be compromised by the use of these products.  Plenty of us grew up in homes treated with these pesticides or visit businesses that regularly use them.  As a result, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) discovered that 90% of people have up to 43 different pesticides within our bodies.  Cancer, birth defects, reproductive problems, and neurological issues have been linked to many of these pesticides.  With Green Pest Control, none of these risks are present.  The formulas are made from all-natural ingredients that have been tested and proven to be safe for family and pets, while remaining deadly to pests.  When it comes to you or your family’s health, choosing green pest control is both safe and effective.  Comfort Tech Home Services puts your family and pets’ safety first by using only green pesticides.

Pest Control
Service Options

Whether you’re in the midst of a pest invasion or simply looking into preventative measures, Comfort Tech Home Services has an option suited to you. For those in the former situation, we can schedule an immediate one-time extermination if that’s all you would like. For those looking for the latter, we offer regular services in monthly and quarterly package options. At Comfort Tech, we want your home pest-free and that is our 100% Comfort Guarantee. We also specialize in Bed Bug Removal and Rodent Removal.

Comfort Tech Home Services

100% Comfort

Our monthly services will provide a protective barrier around your home to prevent any pests from entering. Pest control inside the home is scheduled for the initial visit and continues on an as needed basis. As part of our 100% Comfort Guarantee, we offer free call back service, should you need it. Additionally, our monthly services include FREE wasp, mud dauber, and spider web removal to ensure your comfort in and around your home. Comfort Tech also offers professional Rodent Removal and Bed Bug Removal. Call us today to schedule your free estimate and return comfort to your home.

Comfort Tech Home Services
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