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Signs You Have
Bed Bugs in Tampa

Bed Bug Removal can be a daunting process, but first it must be detected. The most obvious signs of bed bugs will be bites left behind on your skin.  You may also notice specks of blood on your sheets.  However, bed bugs are experts on evasion and deception.  They have been known to hide in light switches, power outlets, picture frames, luggage, cars, and other places you may not suspect.  While their diet requires blood, one meal can last them 5-10 days.  This gives you just enough time to convince yourself you were imagining things or must have been bitten outside, since no more bites appear.  Then, just as your guard is let down, the bites appear again.  Bed bugs know their prey is easiest to bite at night during a restful sleep, so it may be hard to discover you have a bed bug problem before it turns into a full-blown infestation.  The 5-10 days after a meal aren’t spent hibernating; instead, bed bugs busy themselves by laying eggs and reproducing.

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If you think you need bed bug removal, don’t let the situation get out of hand.  If you suspect you have bed bugs, let Comfort Tech’s professionals uncover the truth.  Once we confirm the problem, we will quickly treat your home and eliminate these little intruders.  There is no need to suffer itchy bites, restless nights, and futile fights with these pesky intruders.  Call us at 844-880-0082 to schedule your home’s evaluation and take the first step towards the return of a comfortable night’s sleep.

Bed Bug Removal

Comfort Tech Home Services will perform our bed bug removal service to rid your entire home of bed bugs in a four-hour span. During that time, all residents and pets will need to leave the premises. Upon your return, the only change—other than the lack of bed bugs—will be to your beds. The technician will have stripped the bed of sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. You will find them in a pile on the floor. Everything else will be as you left it and waiting for you.

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Staying 100%
Bed Bug Free

The key to staying bed bug free after our technician has done the extermination is to routinely put all linens—curtains, clothes, blankets, pet beds, pillows—into the dryer on high heat. Bed bugs can survive hot water, but they cannot survive a hot drier. There is the possibility a pet, a purse, or a shoe could have had bed bug hitchhikers when you left for the four-hour span. This is why running your linens through a hot drier cycle routinely afterwards is so important. Also, make sure that you do not have guests coming and going while you are taking measures to keep your home bed bug free. The last thing you want is to have bed bugs re-enter your home. We want you to remain bed bug free and our technicians will make sure to explain the whole process step by step. Call Comfort Tech Home Services today to take the first step in eliminating these bed bugs and getting your home back to normal. Comfort Tech also does Green Pest Control and Rodent Removal.

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