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We can help
your existing A/C unit exist a little longer

Is your A/C unit struggling to cool your home? Is it emitting strange noises? These are signs that a repair is in order. And, of course, if it is not working at all, an emergency repair is definitely called for. At Comfort Tech, we offer full-service A/C repair and cleanings. Ask us about our always free service fee and no-trip charge – or our one-hour guarantee Comfort Rush appointment. If you can’t live without air-conditioning, consider us your lifesavers.

We can help you
maintain your cool

Semi-annual inspection and maintenance is important to maintain the efficient operation of your A/C unit. Dust and debris can accumulate on the unit’s interior, and moving parts may require lubrication and adjustment. One essential task is cleaning the condenser coils, since they are responsible for transferring the heat from inside your home to the outside. It’s also important to have our trained technician check your refrigerant level and thermostat accuracy, test for system leaks, inspect the belts, oil the motors and monitor the electric control sequence.

Is your AC system 8 years or older?

Time for an AC Comfort System Rejuvenation. This will provide better efficiency and fewer breakdowns with cleaner air. GUARANTEED!

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Comfort Tech Home Services
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